CR 7

Simple and affordable guidance made faster and more powerful then ever Flag points in the field on the go and view later. Field review display to verify coverage and identify skips. Last pass guidance and contour guidance. Simple installation/mounting for hassle-free installation and use with multiple machines. Integrated lightbar system for added confidence and visual support

  • Customizable widget layout.
  • Easy access to settings page.
  • Map-based navigation.
  • Automatic organization with field boundaries.
  • Interactive field/job list and map view.
  • Slingshot® for file transfer and remote support.
  • Universal Terminal and Task Controller functionality.
  • Various guidance options (A-B, A plus heading, pivot, contour, last pass).
  • Multiple language support and customizable units.

Viper 4+

Works with all brands of equipment. Landscape and portrait orientation. Saves time and reduces errors. Intuitive and rugged. Dust-proof for tough environments. Wireless over-the-air software updates Customizable user and machine interfaces. 4 camera inputs for monitoring bin levels, blind spots, roadway operation, and more. On-screen implement location with section status. Map-based job selection

Smartrax MD

Raven’s mechanical drive steering system. Keeps you on track and on line all day. You’ll benefit from added torque for faster operating speeds, increased accuracy and reduced noise. Transfer SmarTrax MD between multiple tractors, including combines, windrowers and more. Faster Operating Speeds, Improved line acquisition,3D Terrain Compensation, Quiet Operation.

SmarTrax MD: Raven Implement Steering allows your implement to steer itself following a set guidance line, making your workflow more reliable and preventing crop damage. The automatic steering solution ensures your implement doesn’t drift from its intended path due to weight, uneven load, or terrain

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