Air Bubble Jet & Easy Jet Nozzles

EASY JET Nozzles available for PWM users

Low Cost

Lasts 3-4 times longer than other plastic low drift and Induction nozzles.

Air Bubble Jet Nozzles and Easy Jet Nozzles

Only 2% or LESS of the droplets produced will drift.

How Air Bubble & Easy Jets Work

The Air Bubble Jet consistently produces droplets that are 200 – 550 microns in size. Too big to drift – too small to run off. Drift occurs when droplets are smaller than 200 microns. Standard sprayer nozzles drift because they produce droplets that are 50 – 300 microns in size. With a droplet range of 200 – 550 microns the Air Bubble Jet has 90% less drift than standard nozzles. Run off occurs with big droplets – 600 microns and over. (see rate chart below)

Depending on the manufacturer, other low drift nozzles produce droplets that range in size from 250 to 1000 microns – that is why run off can be a problem. With a droplet size of 200 – 550 microns your chemical stays on the plant when applied with the Air Bubble Jet.

TWIN CAP – with the twin cap you can use 2 – 5 gal. nozzles rather than 1 – 10 gal. nozzle. The advantage is you get over twice as many droplets per sq. inch for superior coverage. Air Bubble jet nozzles operate at 30 – 60 psi and have an overall range of 20 – 90 psi. They can be used to apply fungicides, insecticides and herbicides to any crop including potatoes and pulse crops.

The liquid being sprayed passes through a removable tapered nozzle A which accelerates the liquid and projects the flow into the tapered mouth of the venturi B. This creates a vacuum which causes air to be sucked in through the two slots marked C. The mixture of air and liquid is compressed as it passes through the mixing chamber D and is then sprayed through a fan nozzle E.

EASY JET  NOZZLES – an Air bubble jet without air inclusion that is used on sprayers equipped with Case AIM Command, Sharpshooter or Hawkeye. (see rate Chart below)


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