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The precision farming -
 integrated multifunctional control centre.

Spraying Solution /Fertilizer /Spreading/ Seeding Solution
Harvest Solution /Navigation- Guidance/ NH3 Application



New X20 monitors are no longer available.*

(Inquire about used or refurbished X20 monitors)

        *We still replace screens and batteries on X20 monitors.                      


Features Include:  X20 features Windows XP, 512 MB RAM, 1 GHz Processor
  • Full colour touch screen
  • Flagging of obstacles
  • Sectional sensing
  • Contour guidance
  • Racetrack guidance
  • Easy USB data transfer
  • Multiple fields available
  • Application mapping
  • Printed map reports
  • "Auto Boom Shutoff" available with sprayer interface ECU kit
Available Options:
Sprayer Control
  • Control up to 30 sections
  • Multiple tank control
  • "Auto boom shut off"
  • Variable rate compatible with Maplink software
  • Applying lbs. of N per acre while concurrently using guidance and Maplink Variable rate program
Pro Steer
  • Eliminates skipped rows
  • Powered by ZYNX
  • One touch resumes toggle switch
  • Fully automated hydraulic steering system: parallel, contour or round and round
  • Gyro and roll sensor maintains GPS accuracy in any terrain
Air Seeder Control
  • A totally integrated multi-bin air seeder with manual or variable rate control, and guidance, all wrapped into one convenient system
  • Use with granular, liquid and gas
  • Driving electric motors, hydraulic motors or actuators
  • auto section control ON/OFF function
  • Variable rate compatible
  • Log field applications
  • Import Shape, bitmap, XM and GDX files
  • Create your own variable rate maps
  • 13 maps can be active at the same time
  • 6 layers of data available
X30 Key Features
  • Mini-view windows with drag-and-drop positioning
  • Interaction keypads with "expandable menus"
  • Dashboard readouts provide constant, convenient basic data
  • Integrated LED lightbar for manual guidance
  • Full-screen views available for more detailed information
  • Advanced setup wizard provides simple icon based setup control.


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