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Accuflow and Accuflow HP

NH3 Application Made Easy!

Cooling technology to stabilize NH3 as a liquid for accuracy and product control.

With higher Yields less waste and lower input costs, the results speak for themselves.

  • Variable Speed Pump with automatic engagement

  • Reduced Tractor fuel and Horsepower output

  • Faster application and cooler rates

  • Almost doubled capacity for heavier application areas.



Without HP With HP % Increase
Standard System (Max GPM) 40GPM 54GPM 35%
Modified System (Max GPM) 49GPM 78GPM 59%
Modified System (Max MPH) 6.5MPH 10.4 MPH 60%



Accuflow Compatible With :

  • SCS Consoles
  • Envisio Pro
  • Envisio Pro II
  • Viper Pro

Accuflow Hp Compatible With:

  • SCS 5000
  • SCS4400
  • SCS4600
  • Envisio Pro
  • Envisio Pro II
  • Viper Pro

Viper Pro

Envizio Pro

Envizio Pro II



Smart Boom

Auto Boom


SCS Consoles







  • Simple and affordable guidance made faster and more powerful then ever
  • Flag points in the field on the go and view later.
  • Field review display to verify coverage and identify skips.
  • Last pass guidance and contour guidance.
  • Simple installation/mounting for hassle-free installation and use with multiple machines.
  • Integrated lightbar system for added confidence and visual support.



Raven's new simple to install mechanical drive steering system harness the newest technologies to keep you on tracks and on line all day long. You'll benefit from added torque for faster operating speeds, increased accuracy and reduced noise. Transfer SmarTrax MD between multiple tractors, including combines, windrowers and more.

Faster Operating Speeds

Improved line acquisition

3D Terrain Compensation

Quiet Operation


SmarTrax MD Runs Flawlessly on any of these Raven GPS:

Cruizer II , Cruizer II RTK

Envizio Pro, Envizio Pro II, Envizio Pro XL

Viper Pro


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